Sami Fahad Abdulrahman Al Rayes

Mr. Sami Al Rayes is a shareholder, CEO, and a member of the Executive Committee of Mowah Co. since its inception in 2002. He has led the executive leadership of the company for over 20-years and has guided Mowah to become one of the most reputed and respectable companies in the Kingdom. As the CEO, […]

Faisal Al Reyes

Mr. Faisal Al Rayes is the Senior Executive Vice President, a member of the Executive Committee and a Board Member in Mowah Co. since January 2008.  As part of the Leadership Team, he oversees the operations of new businesses and drives the business expansion initiatives of the company. Within Mowah Co., he has established an […]

Mohammed Abdul Bari

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Bari was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Mowah Co. in 2020. He has over 30 years of experience and expertise in corporate finance, strategic business planning, financial forecasting & risk management and financial compliance and liquidity control. As the company’s CFO, he drives cost optimization and achievement of targets across the various […]

Yerranna Duggapu

Mr. Yerranna Duggapu joined the company as Business Development Director in Feb 2020. He leads the business development and proposal verticals for PPP and O&M businesses within Mowah. He contributes to the success of the company’s PPP pursuits of water, sewage treatment plants, renewable energy, and infrastructure projects by building solid relationships with customers and […]

Sambhu Mitra

Dr. Sambhu Mitra, Mowah’s Head of Engineering and Technical Support Services, is a highly seasoned and accomplished engineer with over 38 years of technical leadership and operational experience in water and wastewater treatment, solid waste handling, thermal and RO Desalination projects, power plant systems, and renewable energy. Dr. Mitra leads Mowah’s technical and business development […]