South Riyadh Project (O&M)

Axxes to Private Market Opportunities

Operation and maintenance of the brackish water RO plant, ground well, pumps, evaporation pond, 65- km water pipeline network & tanks.

South Riyadh Water (BOO)

Axxes to Private Market Opportunities

The South Riyadh Project is the first and largest private water treatment plant that treats groundwater sources through Reverse Osmosis Technology. It is an independent water project (IWP) implemented under a “build, own and operate” (BOO) model to meet the needs of the second industrial city in Riyadh and surrounding areas.

Yanbu-4 IWP (BOO)

he project consists of a Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination treatment plant with a production capacity of 450,000 m3 per day, seawater intake and outfall facilities, 380KV Gas Insulated Substation, and 65km Overhead electrical transmission (electrical special facilities),

Yanbu-4 Independent Water Plant (O&M)

Engie Yanbu for Operation and Maintenance Company Scope of work: Operation and maintenance of a seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination treatment plant,  seawater intake and outfall facilities on sub-contract basis