1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (E.P.C) for water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, water transmission pipelines, and water reservoirs.
  2. Operation and maintenance of brackish water treatment plants, sea water desalination plants, water well fields, water reservoirs, water pipelines, water networks, pump stations and water filling stations.
  3. Water & waste water network management.
  4. Concessions Contracts (BOO/BOOT).


Build Own Operate (BOO) or Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) is one of the best long term solutions we do apply for our clients whom do require competitive long-term water supply solutions. The objectives of these schemes are:

  1. To provide assured and reliable long term water supply at minimum cost.
  2. To provide a unique partnership approach between client and service provider to guarantee a specific water price, quality, and quantity.

Advantages to our clients can be summarized in the following:

  1. Reductions in various costs, i.e. upfront investment, operation & maintenance, manpower, depreciation, etc.
  2. Professionally-guided service and the best quality standards throughout construction and operation phases.
  3. Controlled & guaranteed water supply.
  4. Ongoing project upgrade with industry developers.
  5. Reduction in the water supply risk to customers.